~Company Profile~

 Kreis Music Entertainment Inc. organizes classical music live concerts of highest class. We focus our business on the wider region of west Japan and offer our service to a large variety of customer groups. Improving the fine atmosphere of a hotel or restaurant, putting up a spirit lifting performance in a hospital or school, accompanying a wedding ceremony or wedding party with marvelous classical pieces, providing music for

a promotional event or a private party with friends and family;

we transform your event into an overwhelming and unique experience.

 To provide you an unforgettable time and the best possible moments, we do not limit our service to regional artists,

but actively cooperate with international musicians from all over the world.

 As a very special offering, we accommodate every request you might have in the domain of classical music and recompose every song that is important to you. Let it be the rock band from the days of your youth, or one known song that you heard at the one unforgettable moment;

we professionally compose every musical piece as you imagine it to be and turn it into an individual live performance of superior quality.

~Our Concept~

 The company name Kreis Music Entertainment uses the German word Kreis, which means a group of people.

Our focus lies on mediating musicians for classical music.

 Classical music is one of the oldest music genre and stands out due to its long and vivid tradition. It reaches out and builds a connection from the artists and their philosophy to the audience. Thereby, it creates an intimate atmosphere, in which the outside is forgotten for a moment, and the together of people stands in its place.

 In our daily lives, we experience joy and sorrow as individuals. At heart though, we wish to share happiness and hardships, our worries with someone. We as company are convinced that classical music is an art form that is able to help us to connect our individual lives stronger to the group of people that surrounds us, our Kreis.

Kreis Music Entertainment Inc. brings you not just musicians who perfected their skill of art. We introduce you to people with exceptional charisma who live by this philosophy of interconnectedness and bring them to the venue of your choice.